Birth Support

Birth Support Package | $1,300

Two in-person prenatal appointments, continuous phone/text support throughout pregnancy, 18 hours in-person labor and birth support, and one in-person postpartum appointment.

Postpartum Support & Sibling Care

Premium Package 300 hours | $10,500

Our most comprehensive postpartum support package includes a minimum of 300 hours of supportat a rate of $35 per hour. This package is ideal for a combination of multiple overnight shifts and daytime support. Hours can be added for longer-term support needs during the 12-month postpartum period or we can customize a 24hr live-in doula support package for your family.

Supreme Package 100 hours | $3,700

This flexible package includes 100 hours of support at a rate of $37 per hour. Support with this package can be scheduled in daytime and/or overnight shifts to meet your family’s needs. This is an ideal package for sibling care plus carry over for additional postpartum support.

Standard Package 25 hours | $1,000

This package includes 25 hours of support at a rate of $40 per hour. This package is most suitable for on-call sibling care or postpartum recovery support during the first 1-2 weeks postpartum.

A La Carte | $45/hr

Doula support totaling under 25 hours can be purchased hourly at a rate of $45 per hour.

Postpartum support daytime shift minimums are four hours and overnight shift minimums are eight hours.

For on-call Sibling Care Doula support, a $100 on-call fee will be added to your selected support package. Birth and Sibling Care Doulas are on-call from week 38 to week 42 based on estimated due date.

Additional Postpartum Services

Placenta Encapsulation Package | $400

Traditional steamed encapsulation package includes one natural placenta print, an umbilical cord keepsake, and a placenta tincture.

Belly Binding Package | $225

Our signature Bengkung belly binding service includes an in-person educational session that prepares you for both partner-assisted belly binding and the self-binding method. This service includes one natural muslin cloth belly bind with the option to upgrade to premium color-treated cloth wrap design (based on availability).

Childbirth Education & Newborn Care Classes

“Preparation for Better Birth” Childbirth Class | 3 hours | $150

This 3-hour childbirth education course is designed to equip attendees with the evidence-based information necessary to navigate birth. Partners will leave with tangible tools that will allow them to better understand how they can attune, provide support, and be even more valuable to their loved one during birth. This class will focus on: birth partner communication and bonding during labor, tips for building your birth plan, the labor process (pre-labor, active labor, and the birthing process), laboring at home before heading to the hospital or birth center, pain management options (medicated and unmedicated), hands-on learning of physical comfort measures for coping with the discomfort of labor, positions for labor and pushing, and what to expect after birth (The Golden Hour and breastfeeding).

Spinning Babies® Parent Class | 3 hours | $150

This 3-hour interactive class introduces parents to the basic techniques for comfort in pregnancy and ease in birth. The Spinning Babies® Parent Class does not replace a childbirth education class. This unique curriculum will enhance and supplement your understanding on how your body and your baby work together during pregnancy and birth. You will learn in a safe environment the stretches and resting positions designed to bring you comfort during your pregnancy on a daily basis, as well as the pelvic dynamics and positions to help maximize space for your baby’s journey during labor. This class is ideal for pregnant people after 24 weeks gestation and accompanied by their birth partner. Access to online education materials and videos included with this class. Class size is limited to 5 couples.

Newborn Care Class | 3 hours | $150

Caring for a new baby when you have no experience can be frightening but we’ve got you covered! Schedule this Newborn Care class prior to 38 weeks gestation in order to prepare yourselves with the necessary knowledge for confident early parenting. This class will cover: soothing and comforting your baby, navigating infant feeding (multiple feeding methods), infant sleep, basics of baby care and hygiene, baby-wearing (try out some of our baby carriers or bring your baby carrier to be fitted properly and learn how to use it), and car seat safety.

Just the Plan Please!” Birth Planning Session | 2 hours | $100

This 2-hour in-depth birth planning session provides you with the opportunity to explore the birth options available at your specific birthing location. Through this explorative process you will determine your preferences for navigating birth and the early postpartum period. This session includes: an in-depth understanding of available options in your specific birthing location, identifying your birth preferences to communicate your wishes more effectively to your birth support team, and a custom-tailored one-page birth plan emailed to you within one business day.

Babywearing Consultation | 30 minutes | $30

Interested in learning more about baby-wearing but not sure which baby carrier is right for you? Or maybe you’ve been gifted a baby carrier and not sure how to use it? We have you covered with our private babywearing consultations. Schedule a consultation and browse our extensive library of baby carriers to try on. Aida (our owner and babywearing expert) will personally help you navigate the different types of carriers, help you find one that suits your needs, and provide an overview of safety tips. You can either BYOB (bring your own baby) or use one of our baby dolls to learn how to properly adjust the fit.

Car Seat Consultation | 30 minutes | $30

Looking for reliable and personalized car seat safety education for your child? Whether it’s preparing for your newborn or when your toddler is ready to move up to their “big kid” car seat, our Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) has you covered. Our car seat consultation prepares you to accurately install your child’s car seats. We also provide private consultations for families with children with special healthcare needs to determine which car seat may be best for you.

This service covers: