The Key to Amazing Sibling Care is… Compassion

Sibling Care support

Question: It’s midnight when your water breaks and your 3-year-old is sound asleep. Your family lives halfway across the country and you have to leave for the hospital. Who do you call? 

Answer: Your Sibling Care Doula from Central Carolina Doulas!

Question: When you are sleep deprived and want to take the advice of “sleep when the baby sleeps” but your older children didn’t get the memo, who do you call?

Answer: Your Sibling Care Doula from Central Carolina Doulas!

Pregnant woman on a couch with daughter excited to become a sibling

A Sibling Care Doula is a trained professional who cares for children while their parents are giving birth to their new sibling or recovering from birth.

This is an on-call/hourly service provided by Central Carolina Doulas in order to ease the minds of parents in need of this precious support.

Our doulas understand the intricacies of labor and birth, as well as the sensitive postpartum recovery period, and are a great source of compassion and reassurance for the young people they care for.

When adding a new baby to the family, the needs of your older children don’t necessarily change. Our Sibling Care Doulas help maintain normalcy for older children. The consistency and implementation of normal routines can keep children calm and relaxed during the transition of welcoming a sibling.

Our on-call Sibling Care Doulas provide dependable, compassionate childcare that you can rely on, when you need it most.