The Key to a Great Postpartum Experience is… Understanding

Postpartum & Infant Care Doula Support

Bringing a baby home is often a complex time in the lives of new and seasoned parents. It’s a time when happy feelings like love, joy and gratitude get whisked together with less than pleasant feelings like self-doubt, uncertainty and fatigue. The combination of emotions can be overwhelming. 

We understand why and how this happens. We also know that understanding is likely what you, your baby, and your partner need most.

We understand that your baby has unique needs.

We understand that you have unique needs.

We understand that your partner has unique needs.

And, we understand the pressure that sits upon your shoulders and those of your partner. Helping you both recognize, navigate and problem solve these needs are exactly what our postpartum doulas at Central Carolina Doulas are known for.

When you engage the services of a postpartum and infant care doula, you are welcoming an expert who specializes in newborn care and postpartum recovery into your home. One who will be attentive, compassionate, judgment-free, and hands-on. One who will listen as you explore different parenting philosophies, newborn care and feeding choices, baby products, and life strategies. One who will normalize the process while also recognizing red flags that may require additional support.

Woman breastfeeding baby while sitting on a couch. A doula is sitting next to her assisting.
Mom holding baby and feeding a bottle while sitting on a couch. Doula sitting on the couch arm helping.
Two women sitting on couch holding pump parts.
Baby wearing a floral onsie in a crib with gray sheets. A woman's arm is reaching into the crib comforting the baby.
Doula wearing green shirt in the kitchen cutting and preping carrots.

Postpartum support can be scheduled for daytime shifts or overnight care.

Click through each of the tabs below to see how your postpartum and infant care doula can support your postpartum recovery.

  • Sleep: Restful sleep is essential to your physical recovery. We provide the opportunity for you need to break away and sleep during daytime or overnight shifts.
  • Nourishment: Hydration and balanced diet are other keys to your physical recovery.  We prepare nourishing snacks and are on-hand to refill your water bottle. 
  • Emotional Support: We help you navigate and balance the feelings that are associated with the postpartum adjustment period. We are with you in real-time through the tears, the joy and every emotion in between.
  • Maternal Mental Health: We help you recognize the difference between “normal” postpartum recovery and symptoms of postpartum mood disorders.
  • Referrals available to vetted postpartum professional resources (such as lactation consultants and maternal mental health specialists).
  • Infant Feeding: support breastfeeding/pumping, bottle-feeding, or a combination of both. 
  • Sleeping: We help you differentiate between day and night sleep while appropriately providing sleep shaping techniques.
  • Newborn Care: We assist with newborn bathing, comfort techniques, soothing, burping, swaddling, diapering, etc.
  • Multiples Care: We have experience caring for multiples (including overnight support). Need hands-on tips on how to manage 2+ babies, we can share from experience.
  • Referrals available to vetted postpartum professional resources (such as lactation consultants).
  • Light Housekeeping: We help lighten your load in the upkeep of your home by helping with laundry, cleaning dishes, and tidying up.  
  • Meal Preparation: We are ready to help prep meals and snacks for you and your family. We have experience supporting vegan and gluten-free diets. 
  • Nursery Organization: We can help you organize your nursery, develop a system for storing baby clothes, or set up your nursing/feeding station.
  • Errands: We can pick up groceries for you or accompany you on errands if you need an extra pair of hands.
  • Sibling Care: Sometimes big brother and sister need attention from their family doula to allow mom and baby to rest. We have you covered. All of our postpartum doulas are also sibling care doulas. We have experience supporting families with exceptional needs children. 
  • Pet Care: Even fur babies need attention and the occasional walk.

A message from our owner, Aida Algarin

“The days and nights may feel long, but you will get through this and one day you will look back on it all. Take it one moment at a time and focus on what’s most important… that’s YOU (your healing, recovery, and transition into motherhood). Take a deep breath when you need to and show yourself a little grace regarding the things you know won’t be in your focus right now.”

Doula holding a baby over left shoulder.

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