The Key to a Great Birth is… Support

Labor and Birth Doula

We all need support and sometimes we need it from someone who is simply there for us without their own agenda. Someone who is truly focused on us, how we feel, and our desired outcomes. Someone that we can trust in the knowledge they share because they studied and researched it at great length- there to walk beside us on a journey that we’ve never been on before.

The key to a great birth is having the support from your Central Carolina Doula.

Doula showing man how to support his pregnant partners hips.

But what does it mean to have support from a doula?

Support comes in three forms: educational, emotional, and physical. Your doula has an innate ability to attune to you and recognize the ever-changing needs of the type of support you need.

Educational Support

It all starts with one question…. How?

When facing the unknown about your pregnancy and childbirth, we know how quickly the questions can pile up and fear can set in. Where we turn to for unbiased, evidence-based educational support makes all the difference. Our Central Carolina Doulas will expertly guide you in gaining the understanding that can reduce your fears and, in turn, instill strength. Strength from knowledge can help you feel safe, prepared, capable to make decisions, and confident in your own abilities.

Emotional Support

The thought about preparing to maneuver through labor and finally meet your baby can come with a variety of emotions. From excitement to overwhelm, your labor and birth doula will be your sounding board and provide the compassionate support you need. 

The affirmation you see in her eyes will help normalize the process for you. The understanding in her voice will bring you comfort and peace.  The thought-provoking questions she asks you will help you organize your thoughts and create an action plan for taking the next step.

Physical Support

As you progress through labor your physical needs will change. Some may even surprise you. From nausea, to the shakes, to hip discomfort and lower back pain, your Central Carolina Doula can bring you relief! We know how to support you through every phase. Your physical comfort during labor is crucial to your overall satisfaction with your experience and our focus is exclusively on you…what you need and when you need it. Whether it is a cold compress, a sip of water, a unique massage technique, a hip squeeze or a positional change, we are equipped to provide it.

Excited to hear more?

When you hire a birth doula from Central Carolina Doulas you are not just hiring a birth expert.

Kristen and Aida, leaders of Central Carolina Doulas, standing back to back in green dresses.

You are hiring a confidant, a friend. Someone who is not just willing to go the distance for you but who is excited and sees it as a privilege. 

Click through each of the tabs below to see what you can expect in our birth support package when you hire us.

  • 24-hour phone/email support
  • 1 hour birth planning session to thoroughly understand your wishes and preferences 
  • A personalized one-page birth plan emailed to you
  • 1 hour comfort measures and labor prep session
  • Referrals available to vetted prenatal professional resources (i.e., IBCLCs, maternal mental health specialists, chiropractors, massage therapists, pediatricians).
  • Complete access to your doula once labor begins
  • In-person physical comfort measures by your doula (such as breathing techniques, counter pressure, positional changes, etc.)
  • Hands-on support with infant feeding, positioning, and comfort during the Golden Hour (baby’s first hour)
  • In-home postpartum follow up visit
  • Referrals available to vetted professional postpartum resources (i.e., IBCLCs, maternal mental health specialists, pediatricians).

If you are ready to unlock the door to a supported pregnancy and an incredible birth, contact Central Carolina Doulas today!