Local and National Infant Feeding and Breastfeeding Resources

Fed is not best.

Breast is not best.

Fed is necessary, however it happens.

We support all infant feeding choices parents make for their baby, while also taking their family’s unique needs into consideration.  Whether you plan to breastfeed, exclusively pump, combo feed, or exclusively formula feed your baby, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

Learn about local and national resources available to connect you with the help you need today.

Local Preferred Providers

These providers local to Cumberland/Hoke/Moore counties and surrounding areas include lactation consultants, infant bodyworkers, tie-savvy pediatric dentists, postpartum doulas, and maternal mental health specialists.

LATCH Breastfeeding and Postpartum WellnessLactation and perinatal mental health clinic located in downtown Fayetteville. IBCLC in-clinic and in-home services. Infant bodyworker on staff. All insurance accepted, including Medicaid and Tricare.
Moore MotherhoodIBCLC in-home lactation support in Moore County. Some private insurance accepted.
Central Carolina DoulasPostpartum Doulas and Infant Feeding Specialists in-home support. In-person childbirth education, newborn care, and infant feeding classes. Support available in Spanish.
Carolina Family ChiropracticDr Kuhns is a chiropractor certified in Webster Technique for pregnancy and pediatric bodywork to assist in releasing tension that may impact breastfeeding. Located in Fayetteville.
Sandhills Family ChiropracticDr Ring is a chiropractor certified in Webster Technique for pregnancy and pediatric bodywork to assist in releasing tension that may impact breastfeeding. Located in Aberdeen (Moore County).
Village Family Dental Tongue Tie ClinicDental clinic located in Fayetteville with highly trained specialists in laser frenectomies (oral tie releases).  Infant bodyworker and IBCLC on staff.
Hesed BodyworkHayde Chacon is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist and holistic manual lymphatic drainage therapist. She is trained in craniosacral therapy for infants. Located in Spring Lake.

Support Groups

These support groups meet in-person or provide virtual support to local parents.

Breastfeeding Social of FayettevilleLocal online breastfeeding support group run by Central Carolina Doulas
LATCH Breastfeeding and Postpartum WellnessIn-person TummyTime and Breastfeeding Support Groups led by an IBCLC in Fayetteville

Online Resources

Online resources for breastfeeding education, parent support, pumping in the workplace, and more…

Breastfeed NCBreastfeed NC Resource Toolkit available for free education and downloadable resources for new moms, new dads, providers, and other support members.
North Carolina Breastfeeding CoalitionResources for Parents, Professionals, and Advocates on topics like: NC laws on breastfeeding in public, federal and state regulations that protect your right to continue breastfeeding after returning to work, general breastfeeding education, and reporting discrimination.
NC Making It Work Tool KitThe Making It Work Tool Kit is a resource to help breastfeeding mothers return to work. It is designed to provide assistance to breastfeeding mothers, their employers and their families.
Infant Risk CenterThe InfantRisk Center (IRC) is a world-wide call center for physicians, nurses, lactation consultants, and parents to assist in evaluating medication compatibility with pregnancy and breastfeeding. MommyMeds is their app available for download.
New mastitis protocolNew research on the treatment of mastitis published in 2022 by Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine. This is for those that want to know the research behind new protocol recommendations.
Therapeutic breast massageCheck out these videos on hand expression and breast massage. Maya Bolman is an IBCLC that’s known for her therapeutic breast massage techniques.
Exclusive PumpingPlanning to exclusively pump breast milk? This is a great online resource for the the basics you need to know to be successful.
KellyMom.comThis IBCLC-led website provides evidence-based information on breastfeeding and parenting.

If you are a local provider that would like to be added to our preferred provider list or have a suggested addition of an online or local resource, please contact us at hello@centralcarolinadoulas.com.



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