Hospital Bag Checklist

For the Birthing Person:

Photo ID, insurance information, hospital forms

• Birth plan (4-6 copies)

• Eye glasses (if applicable)

• Cell phone and charger

• Ear buds or mini blue tooth speakers

• Slippers or non-slip grip socks (most hospitals provide socks)

• Warm over-sized robe

• Chapstick

• Non-scented moisturizer

• Ponytail holders

• Maternity bras (no underwire) or cotton sports bras

• Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, travel size shampoo & conditioner, deodorant, face wash,

hair brush) – some hospitals provide limited toiletries

• Sugar-free hard candy and honey sticks for labor (boost of quick energy when eating is no longer

allowed in some hospitals)

• Snacks for postpartum recovery (non-perishable, chocolate, nuts, dried fruit)

• Loose-fitting night gowns (if one will be used in labor then make sure it can come off easily and

you don’t mind it being ruined)

• Loose-fitting clothing to go home in

• Flat shoes or sandals to go home in (feet may be swollen)

• Breastfeeding pillow (especially helpful when breastfeeding or holding baby after cesarean)

• Maternity underwear (hospitals will provide mesh panties and pads)

• Essential oils (dab oils on cotton balls and keep in sandwich size Ziploc bags so you can easily

remove smell when you want) – (optional)

• Flameless candles (optional)

• Tennis balls for comfort measure massages (optional)

• Pen and pad (optional)

For the Support Person:

Change of clothes

• Toiletries

• Cell phone and charger

• Snacks and change for vending machines

• Any daily prescription medication

• Comfortable pillow and warm blanket for overnight stay in recovery room (hospitals may

provide thin blankets and flat pillows)

For Baby:

Infant car seat

• Long sleeve onesies with buttons (buttons allow easy access for monitoring if NICU stay is


• Coming home outfit (one newborn size and one 0-3 month size)

• Newborn hat

• Warm blankets when time to take outside to car