Face Your Summit With A Doula As Your Guide

Are you on the fence on whether you should hire a doula? Do you even know what a doula does? If you’re not sure, you’re not alone. A lot of our clients initially sought out a doula to support them during their pregnancy without really understanding what that entails. Most were strongly recommended to hire a doula by their medical provider, friend or family member. By the time we wrap up a free phone or in-person consult with a prospective client, they clearly understand that a doula is your guide during your pregnancy, labor and postpartum period with a newborn.

A Guiding Analogy: Trekking Your Himalayas through Pregnancy, Childbirth and Newborns

Let’s look at a quick analogy that we use often to help break down the definition of a “birth and postpartum guide”. Let’s pretend one of your bucket list items is to trek to the highest peak of the Himalayas. This has been something you dreamed of for years, you’ve built your Pinterest boards about it, and finally it’s becoming a reality! Will you just go to your local sports supply store, pick out a winter coat and some hiking supplies for the trip, and then be on your merry way winging it to the summit? Not at all!!! That would be considered nuts. A trek like this will likely prompt you with researching preparedness training, buying the necessary survival gear, building a mental fortitude to face the potential challenges, and hiring an experienced Sherpa through a reputable adventure tourism agency.

Sherpas are members of the local Himalayan people who are world-renown extreme mountaineers and their profession is to guide their client safely up and down that mountain. They know the safest passages and alternate routes, they are trained to respond proactively in the face of challenges, and their focus is helping their client achieve the experience they are hoping for. Can they guarantee a smooth trip? Not necessarily, but their client has them by their side when they need them the most.

Doulas Are Your “Sherpas” In Birth and Newborn Postpartum Period

Like Sherpas, doulas are guides during childbirth and newborn postpartum period for their clients. Doulas help you prepare for birth by demystifying birth itself, helping you build the mental fortitude to face and overcome your fears, and guiding you through the options when you aren’t sure what to do (or if your goal is even possible). When others are naysayers about your birth goals or when you need help with a newborn during your challenging postpartum period, we are by your side to assist with evidence-based unbiased advice, skilled experience, professionalism, and emotional support you need.

Just like Sherpas cannot guarantee their client’s summit goals are achieved, doulas cannot guarantee their client’s goals will all be realized. Doulas who strongly promote statistics to guarantee a desired outcome are providing a disservice to their clients and possibly setting their clients up to feel like they failed somehow. Experienced and unbiased doulas know that babies and bodies sometimes have a mind of their own and challenges happen. Although we take time in advance to prepare and support you in your birth goals, we are also ready to proactively help you when alternate routes need to be taken for your safety or the safety of your child. Our goal is to support you regardless of your birth outcome or postpartum challenges.

Every one of our past birth clients, whether they attained their desired birth experience, birthed with dignity and integrity. Every one of our postpartum clients who experienced breastfeeding issues or sleepless nights, counted on us for encouragement and to lighten their load (be it physically, emotionally, or mentally). We were by their side ensuring that they were not alone, had the support they needed in that moment, and connected them with the advanced support within the local community (i.e., IBCLCs, pelvic floor therapists, maternal mental health professionals). That is what a doula (as your professional guide) does. We lead our clients when the plan is on track and step up when challenges present themselves.

Looking for this support?

Contact Us today for a free consult. Whether you are early or late in your pregnancy, striving for a VBAC, have a high-risk pregnancy, or struggling with keeping up with a newborn…let our birth and postpartum doulas be your guide. It would be our pleasure to serve you.


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